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3 books - stabbott
3 books
3 books I'd take with me on a 3-month long vacation for one, somewhere hot and sunny. Okay. Maybe not so hot or sunny, just mildly temperate and beautiful. I'm photosensitive (light sensitive for most of us) and burn really well. And I get sick in the heat. So...........back to the books.

I've just about decided that I'll take an empty sketchbook to record what I see and what I'm thinking; it just needs to be a really big book. Three months is a pretty long time. So that's one book.

The second book would be one of my design books that I bought, read one chapter of, put aside and haven't touched in 3 or so years. So that would be a great time to actually read it and absorb what it's teaching me about design principles. With the sketchbook I'll be able to make notes and even work on some designs. Since I wasn't told I couldn't take my knitting needles and yarn with me, maybe I'll even come back from my vacation with a sweater or two that I designed.

The third book is a bit of a sticker. Do I want to take a fiction book I'll read in 2 days or a textbook type book that I need to study? Some days I really hate remembering what I read......I know. Maybe I'll take The Fuzzy Papers by H. Beam Piper. I've wanted to try to animate the book and 3 months sounds like a great time to do preliminary sketches and work up a screenplay.

Okay, so that's not really what was asked, but that's more than likely what I'd do. If I were allowed 1 book more, I probably would take my Bible, because almost every style of writing is represented in it. Also, it's a good piece to think about and meditate on. But that would be pushing my limit, I'm sure.

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